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Cabinet refinishing Cabinet refinishing Cabinet refinishing
Cabinet refinishing Cabinet refinishing

We use top of the line products like Milesi from Italy that give your cabinets that factory finish without the high cost of replacing or the headaches of construction.

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Cabinet refinishing is now a popular way for homeowners to give a fresh look to their kitchens. It used to be that cabinets would be installed and the homeowner would live with them for as long as they had the house. That is no longer the case!

However, it is very important that the proper care, preparation and planning is done before undertaking a cabinet refinishing project. Much attention needs to be given to the materials the cabinets are made from and the proper products that can be used to refinish them. There are also many steps to the process, if you want to be sure the cabinets come out looking great and the finish will last a long time. Unfortunately, we've had to rescue homeowners from DIY cabinet refinishing projects that they started only to find out the project was much too big for them to accomplish.

When you call on the experts at Magic Painting & Remodeling to refinish your cabinets, we'll start by asking you exactly what you'd like us to do. Then we'll evaluate your cabinets to determine what finishes are going to give you the best results. We'll share our evaluation with you and let you know if we think there could be any challenges.

Cabinet Painting starts at $2800 - This includes the basic prep required for paint adhesion, removal and installation of hardware, adhesion primer and durable finish coats, as well as the protection of surrounding surfaces.
Small Kitchen (15-20 doors/drawers) - $2800-4000
Medium Kitchen (20-30 doors/drawers) - $4000-5000
Medium/Large Kitchen (30-35 doors/drawers) - $5000-6500
Large Kitchen (35+ doors/drawers) - $6500+
- Islands will normally have an additional cost
- Other additional costs can include, but not limited to, drilling & filling of new hardware holes, 2 tone cabinets, glazing & clear coats

Once we've agreed on a plan, we'll get to work. The process of cabinet refinishing can take multiple days, so we'll be sure to let you know how long we anticipate the job to take and work with you on scheduling. We will work as quickly as we can, but our main focus will be on providing you the quality you are looking for.

If you live in Long Island, East Suffolk, West Hampton, East Hampton, South Hampton, North Fork, South Fork, Sag Harbor, Quogue or other areas of the area and you'd like to have your cabinets refinished by one of the best painting contractors in the area, give us a call today. We'll be happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting.

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Revitalize Your Kitchen or Bath with Cabinet Refinishing in the Long Island Area

If you love the charm of your old kitchen cabinets or just do not want to buy new ones, consider cabinet refinishing. Make your kitchen or bathroom look new again with professional cabinet refinishing services from Magic Painting & Remodeling near Long Island. Cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting will give you the opportunity to transform your living spaces.

Eight Reasons To Choose Magic Painting & Remodeling

  1. We've been in business since 2004
  2. Fast, affordable, friendly service
  3. Transparent quote outlining the full cost of cabinet refinishing
  4. Professional prepping of surfaces
  5. Spray options for a smooth satin paint finish
  6. Durable paint finishes to extend the lifespan of your existing cabinets
  7. Quick clean up and no construction or demolition
  8. Located in the area

Eco-Friendly Options Available

Avoid adding old cabinets to Long Island area landfills and restore your existing ones in just a few days. Choose any eco-friendly paint. Change any cabinet stain. For example, transition your dark espresso or cherry cabinets into light ash or maple stains or paint them a bright, modern, white. Get the cabinets you have always dreamed of and help the environment.

The Total Cost Of Refinishing Your Cabinets

At Magic Painting & Remodeling we feel every customer deserves to know the cost of refinishing their kitchen or bath cabinets. Local painting companies or contractors may offer only a very rough estimate, leaving the final price a mystery until the job is complete. When you choose Magic Painting & Remodeling for your home in Long Island, East Suffolk, West Hampton, East Hampton, South Hampton, North Fork, South Fork, Sag Harbor, Quogue or the surrounding area, there are no hidden costs.

"But what if I change my mind and want matte instead of gloss, or exceptionally durable catalyzed resin paint?" Do not worry. We will discuss any changes in the total cost of your painting project with you.

Magic Painting & Remodeling Sticks To Your Budget

Magic Painting & Remodeling's professional cabinet refinishers can color match stain or paint and conduct a comprehensive review of your project. Talk to us about lower-cost options using specialized brushes or rollers designed to never leave a mark or ask us about slightly more expensive spray options for a smooth, flawless finish. Call us today at 631-255-6364 to get an estimated price that sticks to your budget and includes the total cost of refinishing your cabinets.

Contact Us for Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

If you want to transform your kitchen or bath in Long Island, East Suffolk, West Hampton, East Hampton, South Hampton, North Fork, South Fork, Sag Harbor, Quogue or the surrounding area by beautifully updating your cabinets, call Magic Painting & Remodeling today for a free quote for cabinet refinishing at 631-255-6364.

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